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I came across this amazing space on one of my inspiration hunts, and it is giving me heaps of moving craves. There is so much inspiration one can pull out of this home, I don´t even know where to start! I love the bright feeling in the living room, with the white walls and light wooden floors. The choice to use a lot of natural textures like linen and wood, combined with a lot of fresh green.

The home seems like the perfect combination of crisp cosy home and a box of curiosities. The living room and bedroom seems is filled with light and eccentric decorations, whilst the bathroom seems like something taken out of a Moroccan hotel… Then there is the kitchen, fresh and up-lifting. Such a fun space!

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I love the color choices in this space. The perfect combination of bright, white space with a touch of deep teal, deep blue and muted greens… Combined with vintage pieces, marble and woods – this is the perfect future home inspiration. Another detail I love is the Eljo Renova outlets and switches – future home crave… Enjoy!

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I came across this amazing Swedish apartment on one of my inspiration hunts, and I simply have to share it! This space has everything I want for our new home. A lovely color pallet, a lot of natural light, exposed brick, a charming kitchen, amazing wooden floors and lovely details from one end to the other. The list goes on and on and on.

I need to figure out how to create a color like the one in the living room, it is the perfect light gray! I am also crushing on the small walk-in wardrobe with the harlequin flooring in black and white. Just have a look at these images, there’s no way you won’t find something you love. . .

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It’s been a couple of busy weeks around here! The fixing of the kitchen is coming to an end, the Bean has had his naming event and we are finally starting to settle… Just in time for the Christmas stress to sneak up on us, this year I feel like I need to put some effort into making this home feel like Christmas belongs here since the Bean is scooting around…

Even though the kitchen is finally falling into place, I am still on the look-out for home inspiration for the next project on the list. Last night at around 22:00 we decided to mix everything up, so now our living room has been swapped with out dining room, and it feels 10 times as comfy! So now we have a huge open space with a dining table, loads of space for the little one to scoot around and a smaller cozier tv nook… Next on the list is creating a good work space downstairs, with storage for stuff like towels, sheets, bedding etc. Bring it on!

Since I feel like I am living in some sort of never ending home making project, I am always on the look-out for some good home inspiration. This week I came across this lovely home up for grabs over at Alvhem. It is everyhting I would want my home to be, light, bright and charming. I’m especially loving the kitchen, what’s there not to love really? The mix between old and new, and those deep blue details… I’m sold!

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Recently I came across this little apartment gem. First of all, this home is out-of-bounds to us, seeing we are a trio, plus a dog. But there is a lot of inspiration to take from this one, especially the reclaimed factory windows as a room divider. Common! That’s one of my never-ending home craves!  Besides the ultimate interior crave, this home does have some other brilliant features… Like, how about that accent wall with different strokes of paint? I love it! And the vivid use of art throughout the space. The loft guest bed is a wonderful addition as well, great use of space in a smaller apartment.

If this was on Airbnb, and not up for sale, I would book it just so I could experience living in this home. You know those spaces you come across which makes you want to build your whole trip around it. This is definitely one of those homes!

Enjoy some visual inspiration…

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Came across this amazing Swedish home up for grabs at Fantastic Frank!

This is what the H would call a death house, I know it sounds a bit dire, but what he refers to is a home you could see yourself living a whole life span in. It’s the kind of home you move into, raise your children in, grow a veggie garden whilst growing old, invite your grandchildren to visit then smile as your looking at your garden filled with flowers before you die happily or get shipped off to some old people home… You get the drift! You only come across a death house once in a blue moon, through our 5 years together we’ve only seen two on the market {in areas suitable for our living}, unfortunately for us this is in Sweden, and at the same time I can imagine it being a bit outside our price range.

So here you have it, the ultimate death house, in all its 100 years of glory! Enjoy

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We still have a lot of things we want to do around the house, like the kitchen, the bathroom and maybe even fixing the entire downstairs… So whenever I get a moment free from feedings, diaper changes and cuddles I try to hunt for fix-up inspiration. Today I came across this amazingly charming Swedish apartment over at Alvhem Mäkleri, and it absolutely did the trick. Some of my favorites from this home is the wall colors, the exposed brick walls, the lovely wooden floors, the harlequin wallpaper in the hallway and the concrete top in the bathroom. Putting this in our home inspiration folder asap, time to bring a bit of quirk to the table!

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