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I have been rolling around the used furniture market, looking for some pieces to add to our collection… On my way around I came across the amazing Oti chair by Niels Gammelgaard for Ikea – this amazing Bertoiaesque thing from the eighties got me smitten. So as my natural instinct is to dive into the deep end, I started hunting for other Ikea treasures from the past… And I did not get disappointed! So now I have a ton of Ikea on my vintage hunt list, and I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you.

Järpen Chair by Niels Gammelgaard

Moment Sofa by Niels Gammelgaard

Oti Chair by Niels Gammelgaard

Amiral Chair by Karin Moberg

Eke Chair by Gillis Ljunggren

That’s it for now, so, what’s your favorite?

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Just have to share this amazing home I came across cruising around airbnb today. Looking into accommodation possibilities in our chosen cities we want to visit. Of course Palm Springs is on the list, and of course I had to find what seems to be the perfect Palm Springs abode out there… It has three bedrooms and is a perfect mix for that mid-century modern eclectic pool party fiesta feel. Almost want to book it just because of its inner and outer beauty, but I will keep myself content by just looking at the pretty pictures…

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Oh common, admit it! Don’t you just want to move in? I know I do!



Once again autumn is upon us and so is the rustic weddings. I feel like there is no better season for rustic than autumn. So here is some rustic wedding inspiration – and my idea of what would make a rustic night perfect.

The Rustic Bride

In my eyes the perfect rustic bride has a certain vintage feel to her. Most wedding dresses would work for a rustic wedding,- especially if it goes down the romantic route. My favorites must be 1 and 4.


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The Rustic Groom

Again, when it comes to the groom I say go vintage, go romantic. I say yes to bow ties, feathers, tweed, wool and dapper hats.


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The Rustic Wedding Party

For the wedding party I am still holding one finger on vintage and one on romantic. How about that dog?


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The Rustic Accessories

My favorites for the rustic bride would be a lovely floral crown, or maybe a crown made from olive branches. A gorgeous red lip and for those who are doing a farm event, how about some western boots?


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The Rustic Flowers

Once again, back to great simplicity, with a romantic vintage feel. I absolutely love the olive branches in picture one, but the greatest piece must be the acorn boutonniere. It makes me feel like adding more acorns to my floral arrangements…


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The Rustic Ceremony

To me the perfect rustic ceremony would be under a collection of flowers, moss, origami or lovely light – outside – mid-forest. And how about adding some lovely petals for your guests, flower confetti is never wrong.


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The Rustic Reception

Again, let’s take it outside or to the farm! Give me a great band, fairy lights and tons of florals. A rustic affair is meant to be a relaxed affair – so make it cozy! I love the serpentine table in picture 6.


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The Rustic Tablescape

My idea of a great tablescape for a rustic wedding is a lovely wooden table covered in gorgeous florals, candles and how about some golden cutlery. Oh and I am loving the idea of giving your guests an apple!


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The Rustic Stationary

Go vintage, go romantic, go for great typography, go natural!


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The Rustic Decor

I am on about the same idea – bring on the bunting, bring on the vases created from old bottles, loads of candles and florals all over the place!


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The Rustic Cake

I have this thing for naked cakes! Common – bring it on – the cake in picture 1 is absolute perfection. I am also liking the idea of the cheese “cake” in picture 5. Still, if you are going for a white cake for the rustic day cover it in blackberries, petals or maybe some gorgeous lavender?


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The Rustic Food & Drink

For the food and drink stick true to the rest of your day. Go for rustic food, bottles of beer in a wheelbarrow filled with ice. You get my drift!


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Going rustic?



Today I want to share the home of the guys who started up the Swedish vintage shop Dusty Deco. I adore everything about this home – this home is filled with uncountable vintage treasures. Wish my home had a pinch of this reclaimed beauty.

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