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It’s been a long time since I’ve touched on the wedding subject, but it’s no big secret I am a big fan of the whole wedding scene. I love the idea of pouring all your energy and creativity into one big event. I can’t wait to plan my own wedding some day, my biggest issue is gonna come down to not getting too hung up on every little detail. . . I have a tendency to get a bit detailed oriented, in most aspects of life, I can spend half a day cleaning one shelf. Well, back to the theme of the night, the autumnal wedding! In my eyes. autumn is the perfect season for a wedding… We’re talking amazing colors, crisp autumn weather (I don’t want to be overheated on my wedding day) and on top of it all; wedding peak season is over! Personally I would love a wedding just about the time where autumn breaks out, where the lines between the seasons are perfectly blended, and then add it with some brightness from a few citrus additions – that would make me happy!

I recently came across Paperless Postwhich gives you the option to do your invites online, great option, but I must admit I am more of a paper in hand kinda girl when it comes to wedding invitation. No worries, you can also get the invites in the old-fashioned paper form… They have a great collection of wedding invitations. I fell in love with this lovely invitation from Rifle Paper Co., Citrus Orchard, and I thought it would be a great starting point for a wedding inspiration post.

So here it is, a citrus autumn wedding inspiration flow, enjoy!

Citrus Orchard

The Bride


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The Flowers


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The Reception


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The Cake 


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