Another week has passed, and here are some of my favorite finds from this weeks gathering.

This week has been a good week, especially for the Baby Bean, he is finally taking to food in the right way and is gaining weight like a champ. He’s also had his first trip to the city this weekend, he slept through most of it, and he is becoming more active every day. The last bit there also keeps me quite busy, but I am thoroughly enjoying this little mans company. To my surprise I am becoming quite the fan of mornings these days, and it’s all thanks to the Baby Bean. Before I used to love long sleepy mornings, now my mornings are long, but I do not get a lot of sleep during this time. Instead I spend my mornings in bed with the Bean, listening to music, basically just relaxing together with the little man… Wouldn’t change it for the world!

We are getting a few routines in place these days, finally! So if I am not mistaken I will get more time to focus on some creative bits on the side soon, like putting some focus towards this house! We are planning a kitchen upgrade in not too long, we’ve come as far as buying paint for the cabinets. . . That’s about it so far, but I am excited about what’s to come! On this creative end this will have to do for now, enjoy this weeks Sunday Sharing!



1. Bright bedroom, via 2. Kitchen inspiration, via 3. Utilizing space under stairs, via 4. Beautiful bedroom windows, via 5. Brilliant wallpaper, via 6. Bathroom inspiration, via 7. Dining space, via 8. Tiny white kitchen, via 9. Display cabinet, via 



1. White sneakers, via 2. That dress, via 3. Hair inspiration, via 4. Casual comfy, via 5. Specs, via 6. The coat, via 7. Navy jumpsuit, via 8. Black and white, via 9. Denim + shirt = perfect combo, via 



1. Salad greatness, via 2. Chickpea salad sliders, via 3. Lemon ricotta and basil bruschetta, via 4. Pesto prawn pasta, via 5. Kiwi lime sorbet, via 6. Salad greatness, via 7. Toast with mushrooms and cheese, via 8. Perfectly poached egg, via 9. This potato salad, via



1. Wedding inspiration, via 2. Shades of white wedding in Hawaii, via 3. The perfect floral crown, via 4. Woodland backyard wedding, via 5. San Francisco elopement, via 6. Elegant Spanish wedding, via 7. This would make for a great relaxed bridal look, via 8. Gorgeous table setting, via 9. A pretty perfect proposal, via

Baby Bean


1. Bedding by Mini Rodini, via 2. Baby announcement, via 3. Cutest soft toys, via 4. Want this playmat for the Bean, via 5. This amazing dream catcher branch, via 6. Knitted travel blanket, via 7. Navy baby moccasins, via 8. The perfect nursery, via 9. Lovely collection, via



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