I am still adjusting to life as a temporary homemaker…

This wreath is pretty damn amazing, since we are celebrating Christmas in Berlin this year I won’t be filling the home with too much Christmas decor… But this one, I wouldn’t mind this around… Wouldn’t know where to fit it in though… unknown source

This winter salad vialooks absolutely gorgeous… Putting it on the “to-make-list”!

This awakens the homemaker in me, I am always on the look-out for better storage solutions for our kitchen… Easy DIY, even for me… via

What an amazing wedding dress, which would work in any color for any event… Want it! via

I love this idea for keeping holiday cards around, I want to create one like this, just to hang any images, cards and keepsakes on it… Especially after the little one arrives, it is probably going to be one of the most well documented peas ever. via

I really want to try making marshmallows, this recipe looks pretty great, via

The ultimate winter look, via

Bedroom wall inspiration, via

The perfect fireplace, via

Amazing kitchen inspiration, especially loving how the built-in fridge… We already have a built-in fridge, but it could do with a fixer upper, so it ends up looking like this, via

Just because it looks delicious, via

One thing I want more of is fresh flowers around the house! No doubt about it! Since we moved out of the city center there has been to little of this, not as accessible as before… But since I am living out the homemaker life these days, I’ll make the effort and stop by the flower shop when in city… Love the combo of fresh flowers and fruit, via

More to come soon,



The weekend is here, even though every day feels like the weekend these days… Not going to work kinda sucks, but at the same time I am not willing to risk the shrimp turning into shrimp cocktail just because I am bad at being bored…

Here is some Saturday finds for you, this time around I’ve even created some categories as well… Enjoy!


We still have a lot of “to-do-lists” around the home, we are not close to calling this a finished project. We are getting closer, and now we have a baby deadline on it. We still have kitchen, office, guest bedroom and our hallway/storage space left to do… At least I have a lot of time to plan these days!


1. The ultimate kitchen inspiration!

2. Some inspiration for when we take on the fixing of the office

3. Since Christmas is closing in on us, how about this as a holiday table setting?

4. Ultimate bathroom inspiration…


I am trying to get into the whole baby mindset… I am getting there, no doubt about it… We are trying to figure out what we need to get, what we want to get and where to put it. Good thing there is a sea of great nursery and baby inspiration out there!


1. Black and white nursery inspiration… Charm a lot!

2. Ferm Living greatness right here!

3. This vintage brass bassinet! Amazeballs!

4. Loving these baby animal portraits


Since I am getting comfy at home these days, I am trying to get into the whole housewife mode… Or homemaker mode if you like. One of the things I want to get better at is trying out new recipes, so here are some recipes I’ve gathered for making…


1. Who doesn’t like a lovely grilled cheese when the cold hits? I am leaning towards this classic combination of mozzarella, tomato and pesto…

2. I’ve decided it’s time for me to create my first white pizza, I’ll keep this recipe as inspiration.

3. I am of course on the look out for some great mocktailsthis one sounds amazing!

4. Thinking the H would get pretty happy if he came home to this burger.


I am trying to get used to everything in the front growing these days, the main thing that needs to be fixed in the wardrobe department right now is dresses… I want tons of comfy dresses to wear for the next 5 months, I wouldn’t mind if some of them came in wool… I’m gonna be a winter house, need to keep warm. I have managed to figure out the coat situation though, right now I have a brand new wool coat (loving the oversize trend these days) and a sleek cape coat for nights out and dinner parties…


1. The Pod Ring by Lauren Passenti Jewelry, on the wishlist it goes!

2. The most amazing dress I’ve seen in ages, I have not been able to figure out where this amazeball is from, but if anyone knows – please do tell!

3. My tummy is rapidly growing, and realizing I am now a house I want dresses to room me and the shrimp… This pretty one, is something I wouldn’t mind having in my wardrobe right now!

4. I am craving these Nike WMNS Free Advantage sneakers, ASAP!

That’s my Saturday finds, hope you did enjoy them as much as I did!



Here is the smallest form of quick updates to date, things are turning out different from expected here right no.

Went home to visit my family, looks pretty good in black and white…

Out of the blue, we are now expecting a tiny creature with two legs…

Slowly adjusting to the fact that Christmas is coming…

Went to check out the Handsome Family live, not at all disappointed… Amazingly fun.

Having lunch under red ceilings…

Working on my coping mechanisms, pre-baby

Saying hello to new clouds on a daily basis…

Enjoying the oddness of the city I live in…

Evening walks getting darker and darker…

Enjoying more and more midday cuddle with this creature…

That’s it for now, keeping it short for once… Besides the fact that there will be more posts related to nursery life and child designs I’ll keep the work up… I am not going back to work in quite some time, so there will be more time to devote to this, at least till the pea is out :)



This week has been spent trying to cram in as much birthday celebration as possible for the H, so little time has been spent at home… At the same time as we’ve been having too much fun we’ve realized we’ve put apartment fixing on the shelf for quite some time… And now it’s time to get back on it, we want to be at least 85 percent finished by Christmas, so that when the new year starts the only thing we have left is minor details in the guest room and the fixing of our future work space outside our apartment.

Love the storage system they’ve got here, what I am missing the most these days is enough storage around the house, via

Another great storage solution, utilizing the entire wall. Our hallway still has a lot of work needed – especially in the storage department, keeping this as inspiration, via

Craving the ceiling lamp! Need some great lamps around the house. via

Dining inspiration, via

On the to get list is laundry bags from House Doctor, no doubt about it, via

Hexagon cutting boards, plants I could keep alive and marble, what’s not to like? via

Different shades of grey, my go to color! via

That color, via

Kitchen inspiration for when that comes along as a project, quite happy that’s not high priority… via

I want two of these for our bedroom, one for me and one for the H, via

In love with these butterfly chairs, don’t know where I’d fit them in – but I would make it work… via

Another one just for color inspiration, unknown source

Another great bedside lamp option, unknown source

That hexagon mirror, where do I get a hold of that? via

Love the tiles, via

If I can’t find any bedside tables I like, maybe I’ll opt for this DIY, via

That’s it for today, now we’ll relax with some old school disaster films! Hurrah hurrah!



Thought I’d share another “city love” post, today it’s all about Berlin! It has a reason to it, we’ve decided to go to Berlin in December, enjoy new years there and head back home sometime in January. Personally I can’t wait, all of my vacation time taken out so far this year has been spent fixing the new apartment, so a trip outside the country is needed. We’ve both wanted to visit Berlin for quite some time, so it’s going to be amazing finally ticking it of our “Europe To Visit” list… Mostly looking forward to crisp winter walks, coffee shop surfing, new years shopping (tons of shops to check out – a lot of things we do not get in this tiny Norwegian city of ours) and of course celebrating new years eve away from home…




unknown source
















Can’t wait! If anyone’s got any great Berlin tips, please do tell!



My favorite piece of furniture at the moment are our gorgeous white metal shelves that we’ve put up in the dining room.

I love how shelves is the place for a perfect match between pure display and pure organizing. Maybe my craving for shelving comes from the fact that I grew up in a home filled with bookshelves from floor to ceiling, books in every room of the house… I wouldn’t have had it any other way to be honest, I always had an abundance of books around me – everything from encyclopedias to Shakespeare… The shelves also contained my dads extensive music collection, so I had the pleasure of combining endless choices in books with the endless choices in music. I want that where ever I live, access to books, music and the other stuff I love… All around my home. At the same time I am a fan of displaying and organizing items, so for me shelving all over the place is more a natural need…

I’ve gathered up some shelves for inspiration - so shelves for days, coming right up!

My dream wall – shelves from one end to the other! Project for the future I think, via


We are considering a display cabinet for our livingroom, but this is quite tempting as well – mostly because of the space it clears up for hanging art on the wallvia


Great use of space, via


This reminds me, I really want a globe! That white one seems pretty perfect, guess what – it’s DIY – almost manageable, via










Can’t wait to fill my shelves, I’m working on it – hopefully I’ll get to that perfectly happy spot soon!